Technologies & Solutions

Agency for Digital Affairs

The digital agency is engaged as an independent consulting company for selected topics in the field of information-, web- and media-technologies. We support the realization of efficient organizations or technological projects. On demand, we take over the overall coordination for a smooth start.

Digital Agency for Information and Communication Technologies

Solutions through concepts, development or improvement of processes, services and products.

Information Technologies

Essential in everyday business, because these form the basis for your ability to act in the digital age.. Whether in the office, production environment or in the area of process automation or network communication, you value availability, data integrity and data security. We help you keep your infrastructure up and running.

Web Technologies

Web3.0++, the coming generations of the Internet can be experienced through decentralization (distributed databases) and its machine evaluability up to the applicability of artificial intelligences. These new principles require a more specific design for the user. No question about it, we consult and support you with your web projects (even earlier web generations).

Media Technologies

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